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Zanjan province is located in the North-West Iran in a region called Iranian Azerbaijan. Its capital is Zanjan city. Zanjan province with an area of 21,773 km², equal to 3.41 percent of the country, has a mostly rural, population estimated on 1,000,000.
Zanjan province neighbors East Azerbaijan to the north, West Azerbaijan to the north west, Ardebil and Gilan to the north east, Ghazvin to the east, Kordestan to the south west and Hamedan to the south. Zanjan province constitutes of 7 counties including: Abhar, Ijrood, Khodabandeh, Khoramdareh, Zanjan, Tarom and Mahanshan.
Major 17 cities of the province are Ab bar, Abhar, Choorzagh, Halab, Khoramdareh, Dandy, Zarin Abad, Zarin Rood, Zanjan, Sajas, Soltanieh, Saein Ghaleh, Gheidar, Garmab, Mahanshan, Hidaj and Armaghankhaneh. Zanjan also has an incredible cave called Katale Khor. It is near the Sultaniyeh... (Read More)


Zanjan is one of Iranian Azerbaijani provinces. Zanjan city was always one of the dominant cities in Azerbaijan. The name of Azerbaijan derives from Atropates, an Iranian satrap of Media under the Achaemenid empire,, ... (Read More)
Zanjan Today
Agriculture is the principal occupation, and crops include rice, corn (maize), oilseeds, fruits, and potatoes. Poultry, cattle, and sheep are raised. In the region Zanjan is also famous for its seedless grapes. Manufactures include bricks, ..  ... (Read More)

Road and Transportation:

2.1. Outlook:

Being located in IRAN-EUROPE transit corridor (east-west corridor).
Being considered as 5 top provinces for the freeways length (inc. 106 km Zanjan-Qazvin and 94 km .... (Read More)

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